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All burritos come with rice, beans and/or onions, and/or tomatoes and/or cilantro
Some come with lettuce

Regular Burrito

Choice of meat, rice, beans and vegetables

$ 5.99


super Burrito

Choice of meat, rice, beans, vegetables, sour cream, cheese.

Choice of meat:

$ 7.25


Barbacoa (shredded beef)
Buche (pork stomach)

Carne Asada (grilled steak)

Carne Molida (ground beef)

Carnitas (roasted pork)

Chicharron (fried pork fat)

Chile Colorado (beef in mild red sauce)

Chile Verde (pork in green sauce)

Grilled Chicken (pollo a la parilla)

Lengua (beef tongue)

Pastor (marinated pork)

Red Mole Pollo (chicken in mole red sauce)


special Burritos

Camaron (grilled shrimp)

$ 7.99

Chile Relleno

$ 6.99

Mole (chicken in a mole sauce)

$ 6.99

Pescado (grilled fish)

$ 7.25

Tripas (grilled beef intestine)

$ 6.99


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